Jody Williams and Rita Sodi Team Up to Open Via Carota

Source: Grub Street New York

Powerhouse couple Jody Williams of Buvette and Rita Sodi of I Sodi, is teaming up to open up Via Carota! The menu will be inspired by the Italian culture and cuisine that brought both chefs to where they are today. According to Grub Street, Williams says, “I want to have a restaurant where you always can sit down and have a choice, where you don’t feel awkward, like, ‘Gee, I really want to eat two salads, is the waiter gonna freak out?’” Expect lots of fresh light flavors. “We love artichokes, we love frying, we’ll be making focaccias. Fried zucchini flowers. All the things I love about Italian food.” There is even talk of a burger — a first for both chefs. “I want this to be fresh and light and I want it to be savory and I want it to be hot and spicy and I want it to be everything I don’t find.”

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