The Best Fish Sandwiches this Summer

Source: Grub Street New York

There’s no reason for fried chicken sandwiches to hog the spotlight when there are also equally as delicious fish sandwiches coming out this year as well. Grub Street has a list of some of the best fish sandwiches this summer.

Santina’s chicken sandwich is $18, so assuming you can stomach that first, the actually sandwich itself should be no problem. During lunch and brunch they make a sea bass sandwich that is “grilled or deep-fried in a rice-flour batter — served with sliced tomato, lots of olive-caper tartar sauce, and a Contramar-inspired slaw of chilies, onions, and citrus.”

For a fish sandwich that’s easier on the wallet ($8.50), try Souk and Sandwich’s Samke Harra. The fish is shredded then mixed with tart peppers, and wrapped and grilled in thin Lebanese flatbread.

Michael Chernow may be king of the meatballs, but he also makes a mighty fine fish sandwich at his new spot, Seamore’s. The Oh-Boy is made with fried skate, pickled peppers, and special sauce on Sullivan Street Bakery bread.

Harry & Ida’s serves a mean bluefish sandwich. The sandwich is served on a charred brioche bun that’s split on top and then stuffed with smoked fish, pickled celery, spring onions, watercress, and a sassafras dressing.

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